The Red Ribbon


TRR ebook V2

In the tradition of Daphne du Maurier comes this riveting debut with gripping prose and romantic elements. Set in the atmospheric backdrop of eighteenth century England, The Red Ribbon is a suspenseful triumph about enduring love, bitter betrayal and the unbreakable bond between two sisters.

London 1773. Julia Ridler, a reluctant clairvoyant, struggles to adjust to life after witnessing the wrenching demise of her closest friend inexplicably strangled by the man she loved. She returns home after the heart-breaking ordeal to find her headstrong sister intent on marrying for passion, despite all the warnings.

When Julia‚Äôs friend beckons from the grave, she is forced to embrace her ability, however unnerving. But nothing will prepare her for the frightening discovery of what really happened that night, and why…